Marketers are always in search of learning something new that can improve their skills and knowledge. There are lots of marketers, who believe to be creative types and try rigorous efforts in order to better understand and leverage technology, mainly measurement tools.

However, it is essential for marketers to enhance their inner technologist and influence technology as a masterpiece of their overall strategy.

If you are also a professional marketer and wanted to improve your marketing technology skills, you can go through this blog and find some highly effective tips to boost your marketing technology expertise:

Part 1


Get Experimental

One of the foremost authorities on marketing technology and the power behind “Scott Brinker” is working with software in a tentative way as it is one of the best ways to learn.

For instance, if you are running your own WordPress blog, and get experience with various plug-ins, themes and other abilities, it will be considered as an excellent learning experience for all beginners.

Through this idea, you can dig into your application as deep as possible; however, sometimes it is best way to learn through trial and errors.

But, if this idea doesn’t work well, it is good idea to learn little programming. Brinker said, “Mostly for the development of algorithmic thinking, rather than having to actually do a lot of hands-on coding.“


Comprehend what’s Possible & what’s Not

When it comes to talk about the best and accurate marketing, today, it relies drastically on technology advancements that were not obtainable five years ago.

As one single example, Baer quotes personalized and triggered marketing automation programs. He said, “It is imperative that marketers understand how these advanced marketing approaches work and what’s possible.”

Now, a lot of organizations become experts at integrating their own earlier siloed apps and data and what’s possible and what’s not does not expand in size and scope. It is also important for marketers to clutch the constantly growing interplay among technologies and how that can collision the customer experience.


Always Remember That Creativeness without Conversions = Zero

Creativeness without conversions is equal to zero is one of the main principles that is adopted by a professional web analytics pioneer and digital marketing expert Rand Schulman. His main concept is marketing creativity considers zero if it contributes to the bottom line in a measurable way.

In short, we can say that it will take as a little if it is not generating best results. Once you will get this point in your mind, you will get more interest in using technology in order to gauge the efficiency of your marketing.

You will more dig into applications if you are more committed to a data-driven marketer as it will helpful for you to determine ROI like marketing automation, analytics, CRM systems and more.


Spend Some Quality Time With Your Technology Sellers

The people, who sold you your difficulty technology solution, would feel delight to teach on you on that also. Jay Baer, a digital marketing expert and author, suggests being a vendor daub: he advises that sit in on product training demos, attend user summits, watch videos and attend conferences.

And try to talk to sales engineers and trainers whenever it is possible for you. All those companies that are making a living selling technology to marketers will feel happy to teach them about it. So remember to take them up on that offer.

Jay Baer also gives a simple yet easy tip is to use your social channels to develop an education feed. It is essential for you to follow your major vendors and other supplier of technology news such as Gizmodo, Mashable and TechCrunch and more.


Dig Yourself in Digital Marketing Practices

In digital marketing, best practices guide to the use of technology. For instance, if you have started learning the social media techniques, you will begin to use a lot of social media monitoring and measurement tools.

However, if you are busy in demand generation, best practices will guide you to marketing automation and CRM apps. Best practices will stand out from the communal experience of others and often technology plays a very biggest role.

Luckily, there are a lot of books, videos and digital marketing courses obtainable like local colleges and online courses, including ClickZ Training, Udemy and more.


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