The online games for free offer a lot of enthusiasm, and the gamers will continue playing these cynosure online games as long as they are free. We have been amused and entertained by these online games which have become part of our day to day life. These online games free provides with a cushion of fantasy where everything can be possible in the world of imagination. The gamers just love to play online games free, as they are great time-killers. So if you have congenial internet connection, you could spend days in front of your desktop without knowing about the world, thanks to online free games.

Also, games are the ultimate portal to escape from this reality we call “Earth”. Just a few short keystrokes and we are sucked into the world of games. But most of us do not have the time or the patience to wait for the games to download. And voila! We have online free games to the rescue! (Makes you feel happy go lucky that they are free right?) The most appealing thing about these games is that it available to almost everyone with an internet connection. So, we have compiled a subjective a list of 20 online free games that you can lose yourself into:

20 Online Games Free

Angry Birds

You are neck deep in work and your boss just refuses to get off your back. And you wish you could hurl something at him. Why worry when Angry birds is around? Revenge is best served hot. So suit on and extract revenge on the pigs who stole the eggs. A physics based game to tickle your projectile game obsession. Angry birds can also be downloaded and played offline as well. But the online games free play of birds & monkeys make things interesting.


Imagine being stranded in a place you don’t know and asked to navigate yourself using Google maps. Geoguessr does just that. It helps you hone your navigational skills and find your way home. Definitely one of those compelling online games free play that require you to pay absolute attention. Give this one a shot.

Flappy Bird

Of all the online games free, this one has to be the most frustrating one yet. All you have to do is keep the bird from hitting the pipes for as long as possible by using the space bar. Seems simple and easy enough? Hell no!


I don’t even have to introduce this pudgy plumber! We all love Mario and have been playing this classic game forever! So let Mario take you on a nostalgic ride to the good old childhood days. Indulge yourself on this little treat.

We have played this connoisseur game in our childhoods on classic videogames, today you can play online games free from anywhere as long as you’ve internet connection, recreating childhood nostalgia.


Now, I have to warn you guys. This game isn’t for the faint brained. If you just don’t get all the weird looking…things (psst…I meant JavaScript. Don’t ask me!), leave the game be. It is a clever, ASCII based game which you can only play if you know your way through the source code. For all the code crunches out there, this one is for you. This coding game can be on online games play free technical list.

Neptune’s Pride

Bored of playing alone online? We have just the game for you. Among our list of online games free, this is the most real-time game I have come across. Satisfy your wish to rule the galaxies by capturing stars and developing them. Send more ships to capture other stars, develop cunning strategies and make diplomatic decisions. It’s all up to you. This is one of those multi-layer online games play free that needs team-work & conjuring mind to clear the galaxy collywobbles of the game.

You Must Escape

Pitch black. All your senses are numb and you can’t feel a thing. You Must Escape is an escape puzzle which deprives you of your senses. The only escape route is to move around. As soon as you move, lines arise from your position and the player uses this to navigate and finally exit the level.

Plants vs. Zombies

In this whacky world, experience the most thrilling and dramatic war between the plants and the zombies! (Well who doesn’t love an end of the world war?). How can plants survive against the reckless zombies? Yes they can, it’s all a matter of strategic placement of the right plants at the right places. For all the masterminds of strategic planning, it’s a challenge. All zombie online games play free gives you shivers if played at night alone, this is one of those online free games.

Nothing to Hide

For the first time in our list of online games free, we have included a game that is yet to be released. In a dark, damp future, the citizens of US are doomed to be kept under constant surveillance by a device called the iEye watch. Honest citizens never hide. Only criminals do. So, keep yourself in the range of cameras all the time (voyeurism, anyone?) or risk being national embarrassment on the Facebook equivalent- The Wall.

Bomber Man

The general premise of the game is to strategically place bombs in order to get rid of enemies and destroy annoying obstacles. Just bomb your way through all the levels but beware of killing your own friends (duh!).

Bomber man, Bomber man,

Does whatever a bomber man

Plants a bomb, on the fly

Leaves the ghosts dead and dry

Look out, here comes the bomber man!!

Scuba Bear

Loved Indiana Jones and National Treasure movies? Obsessed with treasure hunting? This is just the baby for you. Just as the name on our list of online games free suggests, Scuba bear game is all about a scuba diving bear who embarks on finding the treasure. Some of the power-ups collected are predictable and some are a discovery. This is one of those online games for free that is sure to quench your thirst for treasure.


Awaken the Sherlock Holmes in you by playing this incredible detective game where the players are given cases to solve. They are also allowed to go into the world and engage in open activities. The reason it makes it to the list of Online games free is because of its pure genius. This is one game you shouldn’t miss


This game brought us pure joy. It seems to be an upgrade from the traditional snake-eats-food-grows-in-length scenario. This game starts off with a worm eating other worms and growing in length. Only this time, it’s an aquatic environment. It’s bright and simple graphics makes you want to lose yourself in the game.


Zuma is a tile-matching game where there’s a frog sitting at the center and colored balls moving all around it in various patterns through different levels. Aim at the balls and shoot to break them and save the frog from death. It’s a nerve racking game which tests your reaction time and presence of mind. Its colorful, addicting and endless fun!

Play online games free such as Zuma in your past time & you’ll end up playing it for hours.

Skater Boy

Who doesn't like skating? It’s all out there for the skate lovers. Various levels, difficulties, obstacles, challenges through which you get to steer the skater boy! An awesome experience of skating packed with action that won’t disappoint you. Test you skills with online games free play of Skater Boy story. Have fun fellas!


One glorious kingdom to build. Several fierce kingdoms to defeat. Not an easy job, managing the inventory, barracks, stable, siege units, farmers and workers along with resources (Gold, iron, wood and food). Building an exemplary kingdom and protecting your subjects seals the deal. Play and be the king of your dreams! The only game in online games free which has the ability to swallow you whole.

Critical Annihilation

The Aliens have invaded our list of online games free, and the only way to set us free is to play the game. Shoot at the upcoming obstacles and hostilities. Fight fearlessly, without getting yourself killed; you may yet win this game. Aliens! Here I come.

Grand Theft Auto

The game of everything! From a sports bike to racing car to chopper, pistol to rocket launcher, from earth to sky. It’s all money and party. Complete the challenges and rule the city. There are crimes, combats, sins, money, party and fun. Your game, your rules.

Rail Rush

This is a fairly good update to the Temple Run game that took the world by storm. By introducing a mine cart, cool new graphics and sounds, Rail Rush has become a hot favorite in the online games free platform. It works pretty much the same way as Temple Run- collecting gold and power-ups. What makes it stand out are the graphics and achievable tasks in the game.

Planet Side 2

This shooter game from daybreak Game Company stands proudly at the top of the list of our online games free. It is the second version of game named as Planet Side released in 2002. The game has its name into record books for biggest first person shooter battle. According to Guinness World Records, 1158 people played first person shooter battle.


Wow! Endless games to choose from. Internet is truly the virtual Disneyland. Anything and everything is possible. We only have to reach out and grasp it. I hope you guys have fun playing the online free games mentioned in our list. Don’t forget to thank us!


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