There are those movies which are good, as well as those movies which are bad. According to poll 2013 outstanding movie was “12 years a slave”. That is the movie which was awarded in the Oscar awards. This has been the trend all through that the best are to be identified without minding the worst.

Movie viewers too have the desire to know the worst movies. That was made possible in 2013, breaking the status quo. The Golden Raspberry award collected data from the viewers, and they recognized the worst in accordance to the votes of the viewers. All this awards were given the same day at different locations. Here are some of those worst movies:

20 Movies Which Did Not Click Right in the Minds of Viewers


Pain and Gain

The movie is one of the worst because of the pairing of the people who are in the movie. The movie was aimed to cut across the comedy and action at the same time. It was far from achieving that, based on the story line, and compared to the pairing; it is very easy to conclude that, if they do any other, it would equally fail them. They do not make a good team for such movies.


Bad Gradpa

It definitely qualifies as one of them because of the actor who took on the theme. Jackass was the main actor, and that was contrary to what most expected. It was well acted, but the funs expected more from Jackass. They expected some action from him which was not the case. That put it in this list.


The Counselor

The movie was very much on demand when it first it the market. No one would want to miss the piece made by Brad Pitt, Cormac McCarthy, Ridley Scott, and Javier Bardem. They are stars in many previous movies. The hopes of the followers were soon shuttered and they kept it away. The movie had no clear story line as well as coordination.


The Lone Ranger

It is one of the movies which had the privilege of shooting with a good budget. Armie Hammer did the leading role in the movie. What Jonny Depp the director did not consider is that in the modern world no person would want to have some of the movies based on some outdated concepts. That is what made the movie to fail terribly. It risks the jobs of both of them in the future.


Spring Breakers

This is another of the movies which did not find favor in the eyes of the viewers. It is because of it lacked a theme which meant sense or that which helped to relay a positive thing. It had the viewers left with different opinions on the youth without any conclusive idea of what message it was to pass.


Now You See Me

It is movie acted by some of the movie stars. It good, though it has some problem, the plot is quite comprehensive to the point that it leaves the viewers more confused. A follow up would do good to help the viewers to understand its message.


Saving Mr. Banks

It is probably one of the movies that would do well. The only problem is that, it was performed in a studio which is too much in advertising how experienced they are instead of making that clear in the video.


American Hustle

It was one of the movies conveying a true story of Absam scandal which took place in 1970’s. The only problem with it is that, the plot is one of those which cannot be easily followed by audience.


A Good Day to Die Hard

Most of the voters thought of the name as a mockery from the low quality delivered from it. Its poor performance was of great help in making other worst movies to look much better as compared to it.



It is one of the rare space movies which were acted nicely, with some few things making it to be qualified to this list. Sandra Bullock is definitely one of them. She did not perform her role to the expectation. The movie was expected to utilize more of 3d images as opposed to the few and of low quality which they used.


Anchorman 2

The problem with this follow up is that it did not measure to the standards of the previous movie. It is great on its own, but taking it as a continuation is a complete disgrace.


The Wolverine

This movie has not been welcome because it is thought as an imitation of a movie previously done, X-Men Origins. The worst thing about it is that there is no new concept about it.


The Wolf of Wall Street

The movie which has not seen the light of the day, and it is most probably not. It has been banned in some countries. The problem with it is that it is promoting moral decadence.


Iron Man 3

The introduction of a Villain character who is threatening the very being of Iron Man is something which is not pleasing to others. It is threatening that in the following series if any, these new Villain may be focused as the leading role.


The Hangover Part III

The release of the third portion of this movie was not timely. It was released too soon that, the viewers felt that it was more of a review of the previous portions.


Man of Steel

It was one of the movies which were presumably watched by many, but it ended up in the shelves. The reason is simple. It was not tailored considering the audience. There is nothing to remember about from the movie.



Sharknado is hell of unrealistic movie, about sharks falling from the sky. How possible is that? As if that is not enough, it is acted for more than an hour. It will stay in the shelves for eternity.


Grown Ups 2

The fact that it lacked one of the main characters in the first part, Rob Schneider is one of the major issues. The other factor is that it is too long to watch.


After Earth

Smith wanted to show to the world that his son had the capacity to act very well. The struggle to show off to the world resulted in shame other than fame to his family.


Movie 43

The worst part about the movie is that it is acted by some big names in Hollywood, yet it does not add up to anything. All the jokes are all not worth it. They are very boring.

It is indeed true that, this kind of movies can be equally famous just as the best. They gain negative fame, and they ruin the reputation of star actors. The star actors should be wise on was to land an acting job.


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