Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla sure created havoc in the theatres all over in 2014. Godzilla is no doubt the most magnificent movie monster in all its CG glory that has terrorized several cities for over five decades. Nonetheless, it has also stimulated awe in the minds and hearts of movie buffs all these years. However, there arises a question. Is the 60-year old radioactive gigantic lizard strong enough even now to fight with the newer lot of stronger, faster and smarter monsters that have been shown to the world? Here is a compilation of the different monsters that can easily take on Godzilla with their ever so superpowers.

15 Monsters Fit to Fight Against Godzilla


Optimus Prime - Transformers

Prime is the smartest and the strongest of all the Autobots. It can cause some serious injury to the lizard king if it uses its weapon like the energon axe.


The Hulk - The Incredible Hulk

The monster with incredible strength and unlimited power, who is resistant to any weapon and has rapid healing powers, would be the perfect one to fight against the mighty Godzilla.


Basilisk - Harry Potter

Basilisk, the giant snake from the fantasy movie “Harry Potter”, could turn the lizard kind into a huge stone with just one glance. You can go and see it at the Met once it happens.


Smaug- The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

If the arrogant self-centered dragon from the fantasy movie “The Hobbit” is made to fight with Godzilla, it is going to be one ego-ridden battle. However, Smaug is also extremely indifferent and does not care much about anything. It would probably make fun of the mighty lizard for having tiny arms and then call it a day by going back to his incredible hoard of gold.


James P. Sullivan - Monsters, Inc.

It may seem that Sulley is only a giant teddy bear. However, you ought not to forget that it scared a hell lot of children in “Monsters, Inc.” and could be quite apt to fight with Godzilla.


Reptar - Rugrats

Now this is going to be a fight against two bad-ass mutant creatures against each other. However, there is one thing that the older reptile is missing, which is a chocolate bar that could turn the color of the tongue to green.


Clover - Cloverfield

A fellow Kaiju, Clover, the deep-sea monster whom we have seen in the movie “Cloverfield” would pose as a strong contender to Godzilla. However, it has a high chance of succumbing to the giant lizard’s atomic breath.


Alien Spider - Big Ass Spider

So, now Godzilla is pitted against the nasty spider from “Big Ass Spider” of SyFy channel. It would not be wrong to say that this gross creature can send anybody running to a different direction.


Stay Puft - Ghostbusters

We have seen this marshmallow man in “Ghostbusters”. He was summoned by the Sumerian god of destruction. Thus, making him more terrifying than he already looks. However, one ultimate fire breath from Godzilla and the giant marshmallow would be burnt down to ground.


Balrogs - Lord Of The Rings

The demons of darkness and terror from the movie “Lord of the Rings” eat anything and everything with hate and fire. Thus, if Godzilla manage to eat anyone of them, it would suffer from serious indigestion issue.


Daleks - Doctor Who

Daleks may look like the not-so-scary pepper shakers. However, do not let their form fool you. These are the most vicious of all aliens. They are the arch enemies of the protagonist in “Doctor Who”, having the power and ability to wipe out civilizations and all planets throughout time and space.


Adam Szlainski - Honey I Blew Up The Kid

This name may seem a little misfit as Adam is not a monster but a young child. However, the reason he is mentioned in the list because he can grow upto a huge limit whenever he is near to any source of electricity. Thus, everytime Godzilla tries to blast the kid with its electric ray, he would grow bigger and bigger. Moreover, even if Godzilla manage to harm the kid, it would be damned and doomed for eternity. Everybody including its fellow monsters would make fun of him for putting up a fight with a kid.


The Kraken - Clash Of The Titans And Pirates Of The Caribbean

This mythological beast dates back to the Greek period. This creature has been depicted as a giant squid in the Johnny Depp starrer “Pirates of the Caribbean” and as a huge aquatic beast in the movie “Clash of the Titans”. It would be nice to see Godzilla fight with any of the two or both the Krakens. It would be real fascinating to know who wins.


Leatherback - Pacific Rim

It may not be as cunning or strong as its other Kaiju brothers but he is the most aggressive of all. He managed to crush as many as three Jaegers before it was finally defeated. With its gigantic mace-like hands, thick armored skin and electromagnetic pulse attacks, he can give a tough competition to Godzilla.


Nancy Archer - Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman

It is true that Nancy Archer with her 50 feet height cannot possibly do anything to Godzilla. However, it would be nice to see how a reptile and a woman who are almost of the same height stand against each other and fight for their lives.

It would be quite fascinating to watch Godzilla fight with each of these monsters. Hollywood must make movies with this concept in mind. Like people have favorite heroes, they also have favorite villains and then they have favorite monsters as well. It may be difficult to watch two of your favorite monsters fighting as you may not want anyone to die. One is sure of going through the same emotional stress when they see these monsters fight as they would feel when they see two of their favorite noble characters fight with each other. Of course, the stronger, the mightier and the sharper monster would win in their combat against Godzilla. It is not to be seen how many battles Godzilla wins if the fights ever take place.


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