We all have played our favorite pass time truth & dare along with our besties. It’s a really simple and interesting game that can be played. It doesn’t require any proficiency and can be played along big group with everyone included. Hours seem to pass like minutes and this time-killing game is enjoyable as well as interesting. It is rare few games that bring out the character & guts of a person to display, & also checks the spontaneity and honesty of the person. Many truths have been revealed while playing this casual yet serious game.

Playing a truth & dare game? Ask the following really good truth questions that are spot on the money. When a person selects ‘truth’ when the pointer is towards him/her, we tell you to ask these fifteen dirty truth questions that would be tough nut to crack for them:-

15 Funny As Well As Hard Truth Questions to Answer

*Note: The below truth questions are for over persons over 18 years of age.

Are You a Virgin? If No, How Many Partners Have You Slept With?

This is one of the most favorite truth questions ever asked in the game. The person’s sex life becomes a matter of public domain with this question. But anyways, this is what truth questions are all about. To put you in a tricky situation, so that you could say nothing but truth. It is also a human psychology to get curious about other’s sex lives, thus most of the truth questions revolve around the erotic topics. After all, it’s the only chance when one can ask notorious and rubbish questions to satiate the curiosity.

How Often Do You Masturbate? Elaborate the Technique in Detail.

While the previous question was targeted towards hot bedroom action, this is something more personal. Everybody have their hard-ons at specific occasions, and everybody does masturbate but nobody accepts that. This is one of those dirty truth questions which gives you license to ask some masturbation questions without sounding cheap. This would not only just make for a good laugh, but will also make a light-hearted scene in the group.

Name One Person Here Who Can Be Subject of Your Sexual Fantasies?

Again, this is one of those truth questions for guys based on sexual fantasies. As everybody is keen to know what is happening in other’s bedroom, this question would raise many ears and eyebrows. Also, some may get panic attack (not literally) if they know they would be the answer for the question. It is just outright embarrassing question, not just for the answerer but also for the one whose name might be the answer. This adult talk is good as long it is healthy and funny, and would help to unearth some hidden feelings of some people.

One Person in the Room You’d Turn Gay for (For Boys)

Whenever such truth questions are asked that talks about turning you gay, it naturally brings lot of butterflies in the stomach. When girls would have felt insecure about above question, this is one of the best truth questions that can be asked to the high-flying guys. The answer of these gay truth questions for guys might be really cumbersome. And yes, no diplomacy allowed!

One Person in the Room You’d Turn Lesbian for (For Girls)

Well, this was is for the girls who were giggling when ‘gay’ truth questions were asked to guys. If the pointer turns to any girl, ask one of the most awkward truth questions upfront that explores her possibility of being a lesbian with which girl. After the girl answers this question, guys often comment some mischievous stuff. It would be fun to watch girl-on-girl action. LOL.

Rate the Persons in This Group According to Their Sex Appeal.

Such truth questions can be very difficult for the answerer. It gives the idea of the person’s choices on hotness and boldness. For some, it can be downright offensive if their name is rated last. But that’s what the game of truth or dare questions dirty is all about. Also, this question showcases a hierarchy built in the mind of the answerer. The ratings will create a valley of complexes among the people and one can figure out people’s psychology after this question.

If There Would Be One Crime That You Can Make It Legal, What Would You Prefer?

This question requires the person to take one name of crime. And when the crime is named, you can interrogate further to spice up the things. This is one of those truth questions that can bring the answerer to pathetic embarrassment levels by repeated question for every answers. Like, if the answer is rape, question should be asked who would it be the victim? If the name is provided, it can be taken towards much deeper levels of frustration until the answerer cries for help. It can be fun if asked in proper way.

Name One Person in the Group Whom You Find the Cutest

Awww, so cute! This is what you get from crowd when such type of good truth questions are answered. The person whose name becomes the answer starts feeling special & blushes to the answerer. Do we see some sparks flying?

Given a Choice, Whom Would You Slap Hard? And Why?

This question denotes the channeling off frustration. Who hates whom for XYZ reason can be unearthed by such type of truth questions. Slapping one hard can be even followed with dare, when you could actually witness truth followed by dare.

According to You, Who is the Ugliest Person in the Group?

Again, this is the most offensive of truth questions which can make hostilities stronger. But truth questions know only one thing: TRUTH. Even if it offends, truth doesn’t change. And by the way, it does not define anybody as it can be just a personal opinion.

Name One Person You’d Love to Take Along With You to a Deserted Island and Why?

Whenever the classic bunch of truth or dare questions dirty version are surveyed, this question should make to the top ones because players give out some really dirty and naughty answers. Ask the question to discover some amazing answers to one of the best truth questions.

Who You’d Chose to Become If You Were Re-Born?

This question has an underlying self-dislike that comes to foray with the answer. Actually, many of interviewers ask such truth questions to identify what person aspires to be in next birth. Whatever the answer is, it is surely a desirable thing for the answerer.

If You Were Invisible, What You’d Do?

This question can bring out many weird and comedy answers. Make sure to include this question once in a game of truth or dare questions dirty round. Going invisible provides a large range of possibilities and everyone has their own thinking about what they’d do when turned invisible. Having sex with girlfriend’s mums to banging a bitch, such dirty answers have been responded.

Name a Person You Think Is Jealous of You. Why?

This is again one of the truth questions that can ignite hostilities and frictions. So be it, but at least it brings out the truth. Honesty is always appreciated and the answerer of this question might have some cold vibes with the person given as answer.

Wait, this might be a truth question for girls as they’re the bunch of jealous crops. The best truth questions for guys always revolve around sex, isn’t it?

Who Do You Wish to See Nude Here?

Again. An erotic question adding misery for the answerer. It would be fun to watch the faces who are involved with this question-answer. Also, it should be able to confront the person’s sexual preferences. This is one of the good truth questions to uncover the hidden fantasies of ‘silent guy’ of the group.


Many people might even chose a dare, but it is the truth that hurts most. If you are looking for some good truth questions, the above ones would surely help. The terms and conditions while answering the dirty truth questions should be honesty. No diplomatic answers should be entertained. If the question is specific, the answer should be specific as well. The above mentioned truth questions might just make the game exciting, but the choice of answers the person will come up provides a hint about the thought process of that person. Thus, truth & dare is simply isn’t a game, but the answers of truth questions are reflections of the character as well.


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