English is an international medium of communication, so you want to know how to improve English communication skills. Communication skills are important in every aspect of life such as in relationships, work or education. We all face some problems when we communicate with other people. But every problem has solution so don’t worry and read this article it will surely help to some extent regarding how to improve English communication skills. Now friends fasten your seat belts and join with me on a knowledge ride about these amazing communication skills.

12 Tips on How to Improve English Communication Skills

Listen As You Mean It

The most important part of communication skills is to listen attentively instead of hearing. Listening should happen without any interruptions. A good communication is an elegant process that is closely connected to listening. When you communicate with other people it is important to listen carefully and considerately other person. You may use Clarification, Paraphrasing or Reflection to get the clear image of context of conversation. This technique definitely helps you on how to improve English communication skills.

Raise Empathy Level

Communication is a two-way traffic. When communicate others try to be optimistic and open minded. When we try to feel other person emotions without any prejudice and pessimistic approach, effective and healthy communication will run smoothly. By developing empathy we will be able to read between the lines. It will significantly reduce stress and anxiety especially when converse with new people.

Be Perspective

Communication is a process in which it is important to attentively perceive other person perspective as well as our own. Perceptual cues help in having better understanding of content of conversation. Better communication will happen when you put yourself in other person’s shoe. Try to widen your horizons by view things from different angles to have a better understanding of communication process. This skill helps to navigate on how to improve English communication skills.

Use Clear and Accurate Words

It is important for written and verbal communication to have concise and clear communication. Always use clear, coherent, concise and concrete words. Sometimes communication becomes distorted if use ambiguous or jargon words. It is important to use clear, brief and accurate words that convey message accurately to other person. Try to avoid conversation fillers to have effective and positive communication. This will help to learn the answer for this question “how to improve English communication skills”.

Don’t be Spontaneous

Impulsiveness always leads to destruction. Communication is an activity that should carry attentively and carefully. Take a minute before starting a communication. Don’t say whatever comes to the mind without prior consideration. Focus what you are going to say and aim to convey your message in a sense that other people understand your message accurately. This step greatly helps on how to improve English communication skills.

Tell a Story

In every minute of life people create different stories in different situations with different people. Every person has his own story. Stories are powerful tool for effective communication. By telling stories you can use your brain in a unique way and make communication more colorful. By telling a story in a persuasive way you can convey your message artistic way. People try to make some connection trough their stories. Become a good storyteller so people actively engage with you in a healthy communication.

Use Humor

Humor is a tool that is helpful in communication process. Laughing release all the stress and anxiety and person see things through different angles. It enables us to convey our message in light and unusual way. At right and appropriate point use jokes in a funny or clever way to converse your message to other people. Humor sometimes break the ice and lower the communication barriers. Sometimes humor helps you to say serious matters in a light way. Know the use of humor if you want to know how to improve English communication skills.

Be Confident

Confidence is important to have a solid structure for a person. It is important to have courage to say what you want to say for worthwhile conversation. Don’t always give attention to other people opinions. Individuals who don’t face their feelings and fear head on became unable to converse their true emotions. Be confident and know how to convey your emotions to other accurately. Don’t feel miserable when you can’t communicate accurately. Buckle up yourself maintain a positive attitude, smile and be confident everything will eventually go in a right direction.

Engaging Your Audience

The best communicator always communicates according to its audience. Every audience has his own special needs so it is important to see what type of audience you have. For solving the problem on how to improve English communication skills, try to coordinate according to your audience. Use different communication styles for family, co-workers, friends, elder people or kids for effective communication.

Pay Attention To Body Language

Verbal and nonverbal both types of communications are important. You tell your friend you are listening to him and your eyes wander all around the room prove it otherwise. It is important to pay attention to your posture, gestures and body language to have a healthy communication. Match your tone, words and gestures so you don’t give mix messages.

Avoid Distractions

With the blooming technology of present era arise problems about how to improve English communication skills. Communication is an important and sensitive activity. It should be important to be considerate of your and other person time. When engage in conversation with other people, try to avoid distraction like IPhone, cell phones, tabs or laptops. Just take your time and attentively communicate to other people.

Establish Constructive Attitudes and Principles

Every person has his own beliefs and attitudes according to their culture, religion and races. These attitudes and principles influence yourself and other people. So, it is important to be honest, optimistic, constructive, sincere and respectful to other people.

  • For conversation settings, pitch, tone and volume should be appropriate.
  • Use proper and accurate grammar.
  • Keep a keen check on your timing for interrupting other person and give your opinion.
  • Feedback is core of communication process that helps you to understand that your audience receives your message accurately.

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