Having small body or facial piercings is trendy as it gives an incredibly cool look to you. Needless to say, this pleasant looking flaunt worthy fashion comes at a cost of unimaginable pain and your lovely piercing could end up horribly wrong and thus people look for how to make a fake piercing. Moreover even the parents do not allow piercings, terming them as unwanted attention seeking fashion. To avoid that pain and unwanted rant from parents, you can learn how to make fake piercings easily. Even if you’re unsure of whether or not you can endure the pain and are ready to get the piercing, you can still learn how to make a fake piercing to earn easy style points in the peer group.

How to Make Fake Piercings

Whether you want to learn about fake lip piercing or need to know how to make fake ear piercings, you just need to follow these simple tips-

Go with Glue

The best possible way to make a fake piercing is to go with the fake eyelash glue. The fake eyelash glue is soft yet very adhesive and is effective in sticking small studs to your face without any harm done. If you wondered how to make fake piercings, no better way to start with the fake studs glued to the skin.

Crescent Barbell Pierce

You can hold a stud and bend the stem with pliers into a half circle. Just make sure that when you do so in the excitement of solving how to make a fake piercing, you do so slowly with patience to avoid any disfigurement which could lead to all efforts going down the drain. Repeat this with another stud to get a perfectly circular septum piercing.

Make Captive Piercing

Get an inch long piece of clean metal wire and then gently wrap it around a pencil or pen tightly in perfect circular manner. With the help of pliers, bend the ends of the semi-circle to get a ready to wear captive piercing for the septum.

3-D Stickers and Dazzle Dots

You can make remarkably beautiful piercings with the help of a few 3-D stickers and Dazzle Dots along with nail art. You can put small dots above and below the eyebrow to get a brilliant imitation of eyebrow piercing without having to endure the sharp pain.

Use Non-Piercing Loops

If you have been wondering how to make fake ear piercings, well here is one tip to start with. Use the Dazzle dots along with the non- piercing small loops to give a perfect impression of an ear ring. Just make sure that you dab the ends of the loop with nail paint so that it doesn’t hurt your ear cartilage while putting on.

Ear Ring to Fake Lip Ring

Fake lip piercings are very common as well as easy to make. Get an old yet clean ear ring and remove its clip. Widen the gap between the ends so that you can use it as a lip ring. While making fake lip piercings, you always need to consider the fact that the insides of the mouth are very soft and thus the ring you are using should not be brittle or rusty.

Fashionable Captive Ring

Instead of wrapping method, use a jump ring for making a captive ring now. With a pair of pliers, separate the two ends to make a gap of no more than a centimetre. Then, you can either colour the ring or slide a beautiful bead for an aesthetic look. This is how to make fake piercings in a whole new attractive manner.

Captive Ring for Ears

You are well aware of the methods to make a C-shaped captive ring. Now take that captive ring and with the help of pliers, separate the two ends to make a gap of no more than a centimetre. You can either colour the ring or slide a bead in it. After sliding your ear lobe between the ends, press gently to tighten the gap and there you have your answer to how to make fake ear piercings.

Bead for Navel Piercing

Take a small silver bead which might be easily available at Walmart. If you’re thinking how to make fake piercings for navel from this bead, just use a strong adhesive of skin friendly nature. Glue the bid to your skin an if you want to colour, use nail paint to do so. Just give ample time for the glue to dry.

Paper Clip to Ring

Yes, even the paper clip lying around your table can become the answer to your question about how to make fake piercings. Straighten the paper clip and then using a pen, roll it over a pen. Cut the paper clip using pliers and then you can have a beautiful lip or septum ring.

Bobby Pins for Rings

Bobby pins are stiff to bend but if you want to know how to make fake piercings, you need to get your way around these pins. With strong pliers, bend the bobby pin and then you can make a perfect semi-circular ring out of it. Use this ring as a septum or lip ring- easy and guess what; no pain!

  • The foremost important tip on how to make fake piercings is that you need to keep everything clean. A dirty or rusty ring can lead to injuries and serious infections.
  • Next, you should remember to make clean cuts with pliers. If you do not make clean cuts, it might be possible that the shavings from the rings would hurt you and honestly, you would not like to injure your lip or nose. This is a crucial point in knowing how to make fake piercings.
  • While working with adhesives, always consider the fact that your adhesive is strong yet is harmless to the skin. Some adhesives are strong but tend to cause irritation as well as burns. To avoid skin burns while following how to make fake piercings methods, always remember this tip.
  • Last but not the least, do not use the materials that you are allergic to. If allergic reactions do occur, apply anti-bacterial cream and consult your physician immediately. Taking good care and precautions will result in beautiful piercings and people would be storming you with questions to know how to make fake piercings.

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