Most of the movie fans usually have the given actors that they love watching. They will watch any movie that the actors watch. There are some who have won the hearts of many people, and this has resulted to them getting awarded once or twice. Being a star actor in the industry of production, means, featuring in an excellently scripted movie and acting the best way to attract the attention of viewers. There are actors who in the past decade had won the interest of many people. That is not the case for them anymore. The reason being they engaged in some movies which did not add up.

The expectations are set high by the fans for them. Therefore, acting in a less scripted movie, poorly coordinated movie, acting in movies with a theme which is barbaric or even in a movie which does not pass a message which is relevant can cause them to be forgotten. That is what has happened to some of the stars, and they have not been who they were before. The invitation into such movies, however much money it brought for them, it left their fame and popularity at an all time low point.

11 Movies Which Doomed Star Actors



This is a movie which was acted by once known star actor Demi Moore. The movie has the story line which implicates her of bad morals. The movie indicates her as a single mother who just divorced with her husband and left to Florida. While in the town, she does not have any money to take care of the needs of the family which is solely responsible of. In that situation she opts to become a stripper, a job she thinks would be the only way to raise money for the family.

That movie, even though it paid her more money than any other actress before her, it left her reputation tainted and her career shat.


Superman Returns

The person who acted as Superman, Brandon Routh, had been a star for quite a long period of time. In fact people loved watching the series as long as he was in the movie. No one would dare to miss any superman movie he acted. He was the right fit for that. He was regarded to have left the earth for five years in the latest movie of “Superman Returns”, and now he was back. He was back after he found out that his planet home, earlier located by the astrologers was destroyed. On coming back to earth, he found out that there are several things which had happened. Lois Lane got married to another person and they bore a son and Lex Luther was released from prison as well. Up to that point it was okay, the problem came in on the plan that was developed by Lex Luther to destroy North America.

These concepts as put by the producer, it made Brandon Routh to be taken in a different perspective by his fans. That made them to switch off from following his latest. Even though, it cannot be marked as his fault.


Batman and Robin

Chris O’Donnell opted to play the character Robin instead of Batman. This was disastrous for him; it led to his popularity decline. He has since managed tracing his way back to becoming the star he once was. Playing a lesser character or assuming a role that may not be befitting in from the people view may destroy the star in a person. That is what happened to him, acting the lesser character.


Cutthroat Island

It is an adventure movie. Just like the name mimics, this is a movie which saw three stars no more in the top list of stars. The used to be stars are Geena Davis, Matthew Modine, and Director Renny Harlin. They are said not to have recovered up to this very date.


The Phantom Menace

This is a movie which saw the fall of Jake Lloyd at his tender age. The chapter acting of Stars war saga saw some differences between the stars. This is what made him never to get into the career for a second time.


Boat Trip

This is movie that saw the sudden decline of the once popular Cuba Gooding Jr. He had previously won an Oscar award for Jerry Maguire. Following up the Oscar with the comedy on a trip in a boat of gays was unwise. It was what saw him no more as a star.


The Love Guru

This is the movie which saw the career of Mike Myers to stall. The story implicated him to have been raised in foreign countries by gurus, and he later came to his Country America to take on with life.


Battle Field Earth

John Travoltas is known much for his tendencies of getting far from the list, and finding his way back there. How he does it, no one knows. Though, this movie nearly ruined his career, though he managed to safe himself from the damage as he has always done.


The Adventures of Pluto Nash

This was one of the movies which failed terribly. Eddy Murphy had to switch his careers because of this movie which saw him as a fallen movie star.


The League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen

Sean Connery was one of the Iconic stars who had won the Oscar awards around 6 decades. History has it that, he was no more after acting this particular movie. He had to take to quit from this career, not because he would have wished to, but because the circumstances dictated so.


Cat Woman

Blockbuster wise and Halle Berry were doomed by playing this movie. They never produced another movie to follow it up, neither are they seen in other movies. The movie was the worst mistake they ever did.

All these stars had their glory Stripped, just because of engaging in such movies. The choice of movies can build or destroy the career of the actors. They need to be wise in the choices that they make. Especially those who have once had the glory of beings stars, unwise choice can see them as fallen heroes.


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