ou have to kiss lots of frogs before finding your prince, and as unbelievably annoying, frustrating and mind numbing that process is, it's a necessary one. Dating different types of guys not only makes you grateful when you finally find that smoking hot prince charming, it also ensures that you'll never feel like you've missed out on anything in the boy department. Remember, it's better to regret something you did than something you didn't do.

Part 1

Everybody in life should have a bucket list, the things you know you want to do before you get really old and finally kick it. Well the same goes for men, EVERYBODY should have a list of types of guys they want to date before they take the plunge and decide to settle down with the man of their dreams. Life is too short to have dating FOMO. Some girls' bucket lists may be longer than others, but here are 10 types of guys that should 100% be on your list of conquests:

The manchild

Manchildren tend to have lots of qualities you would not want in your partner: they have to do everything with their buddies, they're always partying more than they should, they are usually big mama's boys etc. ALL of which means you will be teaching him A LOT about putting another person first. These men are a good lesson because they are the prime example of how men are wired so differently than women. No matter how perfect the guy you finally settle down with is, they probably have a little bit of manchild in them. Dating a full blown manchild before you settle down will not only teach you how to spot the telltale signs of a manchild, you'll know how to handle them. Practice makes perfect.


The younger guy

If I had to bet, I would say that cougars are probably pretty satisfied ladies. Younger men are probably intimidated by your age and experience, which means they will work twice as hard to keep you happy and satisfied. Also, they tend to be in way better shape than your friends that never lost their fresher weight gain and still consider Pot Noodles to be one of the food groups. Ain't no shame in having a fling with a younger man, go find your fountain of youth.


The super rich dude with no personality

Would you ever settle down with a guy that had no sense of humour and bought all of his friends? No. Would you ever want to have a weekend fling in Zermatt sipping on champagne and staying in the penthouse suite? Hell yes. Sure he probably is super full of himself and has as much charisma as that gum you found on the bottom of your shoe last week, but anybody who can treat you to the finest things in life is worth trying. Besides, everybody should fly on a private jet at least once in their life.


The hipster

If the hipster scene normally isn't your thing, then it will be perfect to try out for a while. You'll go to dive bars you never even knew existed, listen to bands who will never be famous and finally be with a man that understands the struggles of wearing skinny jeans the day they come out of the wash. He can teach you about all the different uses for hemp and finally explain to you why you really should be terrified of global warming. You may even learn to play the guitar, consider it cultural research.


The asshole, but the hookup is great

Although it's not the most popular idea with the ladies, you do not actually need to have an emotional connection with someone in order to have a great hookup. Correction, you don't have to have a positive emotional connection with somebody, hate works too. Treat yourself to a fling where literally the only thing you have in common is that your hookups are phenomenal. Love 'em and leave 'em. Besides, it will make you appreciate a guy down the road who is a tomcat in the sack AND is actually a good person.


The older man

If you've been idolising George Clooney since the first season of ER like we have, then you have probably secretly always wanted to hook up with an older man. There are two great things about the older man: 1. they're experienced 2. they're anti drama. They are totally over the petty BS in life AND have plenty of experience in the sack so they will give you an experience that's worthwhile. No passive aggressive texting or fumbling around like an insecure 20 something when it comes to these men. Don't be afraid of a little snow on the rooftop, ladies. 


The nerd

Nerdiness might not be on the top of your list for what you find sexy, but it can be extremely refreshing to have scintillating conversation and to learn what really happens at Comic Con. Given that they're probably not the most experienced in the bedroom, you can probably teach them a thing or two, great for a good confidence boost.


The fully tatted biker

Would your mother be breathing into a paper bag if you brought home a dude with full sleeve tats and a facial piercing? Probably. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't allow yourself to take a little walk on the wild side and see what it really feels like to snog a man with a tongue ring. They may not be a good date to your nan's birthday party, but at least you'll never be wondering "what if?" when you're riding shotgun in your Ford Fiesta with your loafers-wearing-husband and you see a hot group of bikers speed by you on the highway.


The oh-so-sweet sensitive soul

Nice guys often finish last, so treat yourself to a sensitive soul at some point, especially if it's not normally your thing. He may like writing poems about your freckles and crying during the RSPCA ads, but he will remind you that you DO deserve to be treated like a total princess. Actually let's be honest, who doesn't want to be idolised?


The celebrity

So this one requires some very good luck and opportunity, it's not every day you have the chance to see a celebrity, much less, bed one. However, if you are so lucky to have the opportunity to hook up with a celebrity, don't turn it down. Even if you don't think they're that cute or their personality is worse than Spencer Pratt circa third season of The Hills, it will ALWAYS be a great story to tell. So treat yourself to a brush with stardom, even if it's Justin Bieber.


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