Sophisticated and intricately suave- these are the two thoughts that come in mind when one thinks of a suede couch. But this sophistication needs to be fairly maintained by regularly cleaning suede couch whenever possible. Whether you want to know how to clean suede sofa or how to clean suede couch, it is important for you to be privy to the fact that before trying anything, you need to carry out thorough occasional vacuuming. For a recently bought and well maintained suede couch or sofa, you can get few light stain protectors from hardware store which would work effectively. However you would need more than just stain protectors for relatively older couches.

10 Tips On How To Clean Suede Couch

Thorough Vacuuming

As mentioned, you should be ready to vacuum first before trying any hard core cleaning technique on your suede. Well, cleaning suede couch which is newer in make requires you to regularly vacuum clean the couch followed by other protective measures. If you’re wondering how to clean suede couch which is relatively older, you still need to vacuum first before a thorough and rigorous cleaning process. Vacuuming in a cross fashion with the provided upholstery attachment is the best way to effectively clean your suede couch.

Protective Sprays

The safest way for cleaning suede couch is to use a protective spray. For a new couch, this method is the best. It may not be as promising but surely helps in preventing accidental spills from becoming permanent.

Cleaning Solution

You can give a rest to your queries about how to clean suede couch of older make. Cleaning solutions with a concentrated content can help you do so easily. These solutions are stronger than the protective sprays and are mostly synthetic in nature.

Regular Dusting

Another lighter way of cleaning your suede, regular dusting can help you keep your suede couch or sofa clean for long. If you really want to get the best out of all tips on how to clean suede couch or how to clean suede sofa, you need to be regular with dusting which can be done with a normal dustier or cloth.

Remove And Put Clean Covers

Try not to forget to remove covers once in a while to remove paper bits or other stuff that may have been left out there. Your ‘how to clean a suede couch’ solution set would be incomplete if you do not remove covers and wash them every month.

Suede Brush Or Polish Cloth

In a case of a stain, immediately rub the stained portion of your couch with the suede brush or polish cloth. Try not to use water as excess of water can destroy the suede. If you want to know how to clean a suede couch, this is how you start and prepare it for more thorough processing after vacuuming. The process also removes small debris and dust.

Using Moist Cloth And Vinegar

You can stop asking others how to clean suede couch when you effectively implement this technique to remove stains. With a terry cloth dipped in white vinegar, rub the stain but try not to do so in a circular manner which might end up darkening the stain. The better way of doing it would be to rub in a criss-cross manner.

Use Alcohol

Alcohol dipped cloth too can work wonders if you are constantly thinking how to clean suede couch. Just like what you did with Vinegar, use the alcohol dipped cloth to rub the stain. The alcohol reacts with the stain in a totally different manner as compared to the vinegar and gives a better result while evaporating quickly. Try not to use too much of it which might not be a good choice for your suede cloth.

Use Suede Shoe Cleaner

Wait…What? Yes, that’s right. When you have no luck with the protective sprays, cleaning solvents, alcohol and vinegar, go for the suede shoe cleaner that you might be having. The suede shoe cleaner is designed for thick suede shoes but also gives fine results with the suede sofas and couches. If you were wondering how to clean suede couch when nothing else works, this is it. Just make sure that you have read the manufacturer’s manual to be wary of the make and endurance of your suede couch.

Clean Immediately For Spills

Now it isn’t really possible to know which stain came when and how to effectively get rid of it. But if you are looking for how to clean suede couch effectively and efficiently, always remember that you need to clean up after spills immediately. The most common of the spills are oil based and hence for that, you should immediately rub and scrub with vinegar or light cleaning solution.

  • Before you jump to see how to clean suede couch or how to clean suede sofa, make sure that you have read the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the furniture you possess. Any violation may result in warranty being void.
  • Do not use heavy and strong cleaners. Use light stain removers which would not harm the texture of the cloth as the solution of synthetic make often leave the suede thinned and hard in texture. If possible, use alcohol and vinegar for cleaning and protection spray coats for the best results. Then you can flaunt the results to answer people on how to clean a suede couch.
  • Keep the area well-ventilated. You need to make sure that you do not saturate the air surrounding with chemicals. After cleaning with solutions or coating with protective sprays, do give proper drying time of at least 10-12 hours to observe the results.
  • While spraying with protection spray, do not point or else your how to clean suede couch procedure goes in vain. Keep adequate distance of 6-8 inches from the edge for a sideway spray.

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