There are different types of movies, ranging from Love movies, Action movies, Horror movies and several others. They are focused to different groups, with the horror movies targeting the people who term themselves to be strong. There some people who will not watch any of the horror movies, because they will live to have nightmares.

To those who watch horror movies, or to them who believe that they can watch horror movies, their some which they cannot dare watch at the middle of the night without having someone accompanying them. Them that feel otherwise, then they should dare watching the following. They will be left with a history of stories to tell. The list includes:

10 Movies Not to Watch at Midnight



This is a movie which was acted in 1932, by blood brother and sister, Harry and Daisy Earles. They acted as Hans and Frieda respectively. The main actor of the movie was Tod Browning. He was given the chance to perform in this movie after an excellent work in “Dracula”. The movie is acted to be one of the most disastrous, with some lady trying to win Han out of his fortune, with the help of a strong man. Note that, Hans is much occupied with Frieda, and this beautiful lady disrupting Han is seeking to divide them, that way she will achieve her goal easily. This movie has been developed with the help of Siamese twins, a human torso, bird ladies, human skeleton and pin heads.


Dead of Night

This is a movie which was acted in 1945. It has a script play indicating the come together of several strangers to an English Farmhouse with an architect. The architect who is described as a nightmare architect gets familiarity of the strangers from his nightmares, which he refers to as dreams. Just like in any other place of a meeting, discussions begin, and they all share their encounter stories. They are not just the normal stories, but are what they have experienced with the supernatural. The stories are quite sickening, because they are full of ghosts’ trends. With the most fearsome of all given by Michael Redgrave, about talking dolls, which used to be long before “Magic” and “Child’s Play”


The House on Haunted Hill

This is a horror movie acted in 1959. This house is owned by Vincent Price and his wife, who decide to hold party for their friends. So, they invite their friends over to the residence and after the party it is time to relax. The guests are left in the house so that they can leave the following day. The things which happen at the house keep all of the terrified. They are mysterious things which they do not understand, most of all; it scares them to think that they will not make for the following day. As much scared as they are, that is the same experience for those who watch it. Really terrifying!

It is directed by William Castle. He has made it one of the masterpieces of the past which other directors can emulate from.


Carnival of Souls

This is a horror movie which was developed and released in 1962. This is a movie that has passed the test of times, because it finds relevance in audiences to this very date. It was developed by Herk Harvey, who used to work on different types of films. He was into industrial and education films, and he used to direct the short films. Sometimes people like to explore and see if they can be talented in other fields, because no knowing without trying. He did try to shoot this movie to see if he had the ability to do so. Most amazing fact is that he had a tight budget, but the outcome was one of the best, probable what he never expected. He got fans who responded so well though, he never attempted making any other horror movies. It remains in the top list of the scary movies.


Black Christmas

It was acted in 1974. This is movie that led to a new trend of shooting the horror movies in the current generation. It is about some people who were clearing a house for Christmas and they start to get sudden calls that are Halloween. Olivia Hussey and Margot Kidder are among the target. It is one of the deadly things to follow the story line; it will live pictures which are scary to the brain. It was directed by Bob Clark.


The Others

How do you like watching corpses? Well answer that to yourself, and have a look at one of the record breaking horror shocker. The scenarios will take you from corpses, a haunted house, and some other sounds which are very much scary. Want to dare watch it at midnight do!


Lake Mungo

It is a movie that came into the market in 2008. It seems to be more of a documentary than a movie. It is designed to cause chill to all those who watch it. It is about the problems face by a family as a result of their daughter’s death. Probably the word problem does not suit the situation the family undergoes. Torment is the best word for what the family face in the slowly unleashed ghost story. It has been courtesy of John Brawley.


The Strangers

This is a movie which was acted in 2008, scripted by director Bryan Bertino’s. It is about a couple represented by Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman being disturbed by some people who come knocking at their door at the wee hours of the night. One of the woman asks for some person that they do not know, later to realize is some people with and agenda to disturb them. They are after what the couple does not understand. Slowly as the scenes unfold, there is a lot of tension that is created.


The Innkeepers

It is a movie which was acted in 2011 and was directed by Ty West. It is based on a story line of a historic Hotel which accommodates people in for the last time in the final weekend. It is that same weekend that two clerks who are ghost obsessed take advantage of this time by visiting the cleared parts of the Hotel for some investigation.


V/H/S & V/H/S/2

The first one was released into the market in 2012 and the second was released in 2013. They are no watch horror movies for those who want to train in horror movie watching. The will leave to regret it because the impact of the images is long lasting in the brains. It is disturbing because all the characters are evil with ghosts, aliens, demons and zombies. It has been directed by a director who has not stayed in the industry for long, because he still young, but does amazing in the horror sector.


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