Here are 10 movie recommendations similar to Shutter Island and Inception that you should watch. These are great if you are doing a movie marathon! Fight Club is not included here since it is so popular that most people have already watched it.

Go Watch Them! This List Is Perfect for a Movie Marathon!


Lost Highway(1997)

Jazz musician(Bill Pullman) who has been affected by an alleged affair of his wife and later accused of murdering her. He is arrested and upon death, he turns into a mechanic and is released from jail. He is being followed by 2 detectives and he now has a new life but things are to get complex...


The Game (1997)

Nicholas van Ortan, a successful banker, receives a strange gift on his birthday from his brother Conrad. It is a real life game that turns serious as it becomes super personal. Eventually Nicholas's life is threatened and he himself has to figure out the game as he loses almost everything.


The Sixth Sense (1999)

An eight year old kid named Cole Sear is plagued by a deep and dark secret. Ghosts often come by and visit him. He is absolutely frightened by them but is too afraid to tell anyone about it except for a child psychologist(Bruce Willis). It is up to the child psychologist to uncover the mystery behind it...


Memento (2000)

Leonardo is on a quest to track the culprit that murdered his wife. The interesting part is that Leonardo suffers from a short term memory loss. He has trouble remembering what he did a few minutes ago but can somehow still remember his past before his wife's murder. This is indeed an uphill task.


Donnie Darko (2001)

A troubled teenager escapes death when a big jet engine slams into his room and sees a giant bunny telling him that the world will be gone in about 28 days. Whether it is true or not, Donnie decides to take matters into his own hands and commits crimes. It could all be an illusion...


Secret Window (2004)

Mort Rainey is going through an ugly divorce with his wife Maria. In order to get away from his recent disappointment, he chooses to stay at a cabin in New York. While he was trying to recovering his mental state, a farmer started accusing him of copying his work. Mort refuses to have any of it and the farmer turns this into a insatiable quest for revenge.


Children of Men (2006)

Infertility is threatening mankind as the inability to reproduce will eliminate mankind. A bureaucrat(Clive Owen) decides to take matters into his own hands and starts fighting for the survival for mankind. He needs to protect the earth's last hope and also fight his own demons.


The Prestige(2006)

Set in the 19th century, two rival magicians read each other's secret diary that contains their private life and top level magic tricks. They both soon became obsessed with trying to outclass each other with their magic tricks. This also slowly destroyed their lives and the relationship with their close ones until they succeeded in performing the trick using their own unique way...



Sam Bell(Sam Rockwell) is an astronaut and he is looking to reunite with his wife after 3 years with the Lunar industries. However, after an accident he became unconscious. This lead to a series of incidents that made him realize that his employer might not have the best interests for him. His goal now is to get back to Earth on his own.


Sucker Punch (2011)

Babydoll (Emily Browning) , a young woman who enters a fantasy world as she needs to fight for survival. Alongside 4 other women, they join forces and try to escape an inevitable fate that waits upon them. 

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