One of the famous party games "Truth or Dare" has become part of global culture. Invented in the western world, people in other continents like playing this game too. If you play it once in a while, then it retains its freshness. On the other hand, if you often play this game then asking good truth or dare questions become difficult. 

You and your friends get bored of trite truth or dare questions. Some questions are not appropriate for all settings. Some can be termed as girls' only questions or others as boys only. To solve your problem, here is a list of 10 questions that are exciting and embarrassing at the same time. You can easily ask them in gathering of male and female friends.

10 Good Truth or Dare Questions

Which Guy/Girl in the Room You Would Like to Date?

In our list of good questions for truth or dare, here is the ice breaker. Love is a universal emotion. Despite this we feel very shy and embarrassed when someone asks this question. One gets blushed and sheepish. The answer could be amusing. You can help your friends with this question too. If your friend’s love interest in the room, you can see what their reaction is when you intentionally ask your friend this question. If friend gets blushed and the love interest supports the friend, then there is a good chance that they also like him/her.

Your friend can use this question to ask her/him out. The environment is light and people don’t feel bad if they hear such truth or dare questions. You can set up before playing. You can bribe your friend to ask this question when your crush is also playing the game. It is on number one position on the list of good truth or dare questions, seeing its usefulness.

Did You Ever Pick Up Your Nose and Eat It?

This is the silliest truth or dare questions you could ask. People usually try to appear clean and tidy before others. When you ask this question they may lie, but if you persist you may get the right answer. It is one of the good truth or dare questions that can get lot of laughter and giggles.

What Is the Most Embarrassing Remark Your Teacher Made About You?

You are sure to find some of the ‘gems’ with this one from our category of good questions for truth or dare. All of us must have made mistake. Some of which are very stupid. These mistakes unfortunately attract the attention of teachers. If someone pretends to be a genius, then this one of good truth dare questions will take him/her by surprise. You may at least know what their real academic conditions are.

Did You Ever Steal Anything?

This is a very tricky of good truth dare questions. The honor of the person is at stake. If they have stolen something they may try to hide it. But if they say, ‘yes’ then they would be the suspect if something gets displaced the next time. If you are looking for good questions for truth or dare, this will surly help.

Has Anyone Ever Said That You Stink?

Some people don’t give importance to hygiene. One of the good truth or dare question, will definitely turn your friend colored. Sometimes, we are too busy in exams, study or just being lazy that we don’t find time for shower. Mostly, guys and sometimes girls are known for their tendency for not taking shower.  

After asking this question, you must remain alert because when it will be their turn they will take revenge for exposing their secret. Be prepared for good truth dare questions through some research on the Internet.

Do You Have Lice?

You may ask a guy this question, but it gets really interesting if you ask the most fashionable girl. It is one good truth or dare questions for teens. If they try to impress you with their knowledge fashion and beauty, rest assured you will not hear any comment about style and fashion again? 

You can ask a guy this question a get funny comments even if you don’t get the right answer. Good truth or dare questions are few and far between, this is one of them. Don't forget to ask this next time you play the game. Some of the popular guys and girls will surely be exposed when you ask one of these good truth and dare questions.

What Song Do You Sing in the Toilet?

Everyone sings in the bathroom. Some people take this passion a step further and sing in the toilet. When we imagine someone sitting on the toilet and singing, we can’t help laughing. Teens are more prone to this problem. You may ask this good truth and dare questions for teens. When you would ask the most decent and serious guy in the room, all participants are sure to crack up. 

Hilarious one in the good truth or dare questions, this is a must ask question. Perhaps, in the first try they would not answer. Keep asking until you get the answer. Or at least bring the person to the confession that they have sung in the toilet.

Who Do You Dislike in This Room and Why?

It is a really tough question. Definitely it is a tough one in the category of good truth and dare questions for teens. You cannot lie but you don’t want to make a friend angry. The trick here is to remain hilarious and tell the person that it is a game and you don’t intend to ‘dislike’ them in the real sense. The spirit of the good truth or dare questions is to make people laugh and have fun. One should not take anything said or done in the game seriously.

How Would You Deal with a Person Who Has a Crush on You and He/she Is Desperately Romantic and Clownish?

Some of us may have experienced this situation when one finds unlimited amount of love flowing from the most unexpected and unwanted person. How would you deal with that person? This one from the good truth and dare questions would tell you a lot of things about the person. Love is a serious thing. One has to be careful as not to hurt their feelings. Others don’t care much and tells everything straight forward. Another of good truth or dare questions, it is a must-ask.

What Is the Most Embarrassing Thing Your Parents Do or Say in Front of Your Friends?

This is one of the good truth or dare questions that really require courage to answer. Parents sometimes say or do something in front of our friends that later our friends make fun of. Sometimes this gets stuck with you. Some parents call their children with funny pet names. Once disclosed, this secret can affect us for a long time e.g., when someone completely unfamiliar in the college or school call with you that sweet name. Memorize these good truth and dare questions for later use.


Truth and dare is one of the most famous party games. It becomes funnier when participants ask good truth or dare questions. Internet can help one to find some of the interesting question. We have gathered some of the good truth and dare questions that are sure to bring smiles or make someone slightly embarrassed. To tease a person lightly is the spirit of the game.


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